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Dental A.I. Network System co., ltd. the creator and developer of ORINGo application for o-rings color changing in Metal Bracket Orthodontic (hereinafter called “ORINGo”/ “We”) is committed to protecting and following your privacy (hereinafter called “User”). We are subject to the applicable laws for the privacy protection and personal information security. Privacy policy regard to collect, use, and protect User’s personal information through ORINGo’s product and service that We provide in online and offline format (hereinafter called “Privacy Policy”). Privacy Policy including other party that we might share or disclose such personal information.

  1. Information ORINGo collects and how ORINGo uses such information
    When User need to use ORINGo’s products and services, we might need to collect some personal information from User while using or interacting with ORINGo’s products and services.
    The overview of personal information which ORINGo might collect and use such personal information as follows: e-mail address, date of birth, gender, country, profile picture, amount of coins to use in ORINGo, total amount of purchasing, and before-after o-rings color changing service.
    Please note that we might collect some User’s personal information for specific purposes based on ORINGo’s products and services as the actual use of User. And please note that personal information that might collect is various depends on products and services in some countries to avoid the collecting improperly. Moreover, when User use ORINGo’s products and services we might collect unidentified information which cannot identify User whether directly or indirectly.
    1.1 Personal information which is collected by ORINGo
    Personal information means any information that might identify User whether directly or indirectly such as User’s name, User’s e-mail address, User’s IP address. ORINGo might collect personal information as follows by the permission of User. 1.1.1 Application information, which is truth, accurate, and complete of User including e-mail address, country/religion, and age. If User use social media account (such as User’s Facebook, Google account) to login ORINGo member account, those social media providers (such as Facebook Inc. or Google Inc.) might share personal information under User’s social media account (such as e-mail address, name, nickname, and date of birth) with permission of User.
    Besides, when User login to ORINGo member account, User can give additional personal information to edit personal information of ORINGo member account (such as User’s picture, gender, age, country) 1.1.2 User’s name, contact information, e-mail address, gender, date of birth, when User join our activities or campaigns, the list of personal’s information which is collected will be different depends on activities or campaigns. Further, if User is the winner of our activities or campaigns or if User gets a free gift from ORINGo, User might need to give address for mailing/delivering/billing (including postal code) and personal information for tax evidence (such as residential address, ID card number, or passport and copy of such documents)

Apart from personal information as above mentioned, User might need to give a bank account’s information when User join activities that would have refund.

1.2 Methods that ORINGo uses User’s personal information.
We might use User’s personal information for following purposes:

1.2.1 To access and improve ORINGo products and services.

1.2.2 To get customer satisfaction and analyze User’s experiences in purpose of developing and evaluating of new products and services.

1.2.3 To manage and process of any membership acceptance that User login, including electronic data system or newsletter for User to update the latest ORINGo promotion and incoming activities. User might cancel the membership anytime without any charge.

1.2.4 To send notification such as communication about changing term, condition, and policy for the significance of such communication. User might cannot choose to not accept that communication.

1.2.5 To verify User, for participation and awarding in activities or campaigns, contact User about activities or campaigns, refund, tax declare, and transport service and protection for User with insurance when User join activity or competition if needed.

1.2.6 To arrange individual marketing service such as use cookies of third party to present marketing and advertising communication that We believe it may interest you or advice about services that User may interested rely on products and services usage of User.

1.2.7 For other purposes with User’s permission.

1.3 Unidentified information ORINGo collected and how ORINGo uses such unidentified information
Unidentified information means information that cannot identify User whether directly or indirectly such as o-rings color existing in ORINGo. When User use ORINGo products and services, we may collect unidentified information from User and use collected unidentified information for any purposes. Besides, when unidentified information connected with User’s personal information as mentioned, in such situation We assume that unidentified information is personal information and protect an unidentified information as same as personal information. Unidentified information such as

1.3.1 Saved information of o-rings color that User choose from ORINGo

1.3.2 Purchasing information of coins happened in ORINGo

1.3.3 User’s application information that link to usage and interaction with ORINGo’s application such as name, application version, install and uninstall time, login and logout time, amount and frequency of User’s usage, on and off time of application.

2. User’s personal information keeping
We will keep User’s personal information in necessity duration to follow purposes of privacy policy unless longer keeping duration by legal permission or for other necessity purposes such as purpose of customer relation management. We may keep User’s personal information in appropriate and sensible duration to follow tax law, other laws and regulations. We may keep User’s personal information in duration determine by those laws and regulations to follow government request or judicial process such as investigation or prosecution. We may keep User’s personal information in longer duration than keeping duration. Besides, if User require to recall the provided permission in collecting personal information, we will stop collecting personal information by User’s request and keep only personal information that collected before the request to recall permission.

3. User’s personal information keeping
User’s personal information will not be enclosed to third party without one of the following exceptions:
3.1 Permission of User
• ORINGo does not have policy to enclose, share personal information to third party or outsider until getting permission of User.
3.2 Business partner
• We may enclose personal information and unidentified information to business partner such as business partner who arrange information analysis service or advertising and marketing communication rely on personal information and unidentified information through cookies by third party.

3.3 For purposes of protection and security regulations
We may enclose and share User’s personal information in necessity part to third party for legal purposes or any security issues as follows:
• For the bound of law or applicable regulation or government power or court institution is necessary to prove or keep legal claims and disputes or necessary to protect defalcation or other illegal actions.
• To protect the rights, asset, or security of ORINGo, our provider, customers, public as assigned or permitted by law.

4. The operation for User’s personal information overseas
When User agree to give User’s personal information to ORINGo, User’s personal information may transfer, keep, use, or manage to ORINGo or any of its affiliated companies, provider that may be in different countries with User, transfer, keep, use, or manage in User’s personal information. All of the above must be under privacy policy and regulations related to privacy protection and personal information security.

5. Links of the third party in ORINGo’s products and services
ORINGo’s products and services may contain website links of the third party. Please note that ORINGo are not responsible to any security, actions to privacy or contents on the third party’s website as third party’s website or application are beyond our control. We advise that User must be careful while logging out from ORINGo and read privacy message of the third party’s website carefully. This privacy policy is only for ORINGo’s products and services.

6. Security
We are carefully protecting the unauthorized access, modification, disclosure, or destroy User’s personal information. We have internal check for information keeping, keeping location and operation, and organization and technical security measurement including physical security measurement to protect system access which located of User’s personal information without permission.
Personal information sending between various locations of ORINGo and its affiliated companies made through our extensive and secure network. When User send User’s personal information to us, User’s personal information will be protected while both online and offline.
However, ORINGo cannot guarantee security completely on internet. To protect User’s personal information from unauthorized access, we suggest User to act as follows.
6.1 User’s ORINGo member account protection appropriately such as:

6.1.1 Use password that contains number and alphabet and unpredictable to sign up to ORINGo member account for personal security.

6.1.2 Use username and password of User’s account to login to ORINGo member account and User is all responsibility in confidentiality of User’s username and password and all activities happened under User’s ORINGo member account.

6.1.3 Do not reveal password to third party and change password in ORINGo member account regularly.

6.1.4 Contact us immediately when User find that User’s username/password of ORINGo member account are use misappropriate. ORINGo may temporarily suspend or cancel the authorized access of ORINGo member account of User by such username/ password (or partially) and delete personal information related to User’s ORINGo member account.

6.2 Update User’s products by using the most modern security software and use that software as the virus scanner/spyware tools.

6.3 If User find any technical disorders with ORINGo’s products and services, please do not hesitate to contact us via

7. User’s personal information management methods
7.1 ORINGo member account

7.1.1 Please provide the truth, correct, update, and complete personal information to ORINGo under User’s ORINGo member account so ORINGo will provide appropriate ORINGo products and services for User.

7.1.2 User may look and change User’s account information by login to User’s ORINGo member account and change User’s account information.

7.2 Contact ORINGo to manage User’s personal information
User can contact us by sending e-mail to If User has request or doubt about User’s personal information in User’s ORINGo member account or other personal information kept by ORINGo, authorized ORINGo to use all User’s per,sonal information or unauthorized ORINGo to use some User’s personal information anytime.
If User allow ORINGo to keep User’s personal information through ORINGo services, User can recall the permission by sending the request to us and we will stop keeping User’s personal information and keep only personal information that collected before getting the request to recall permission.
7.3 Whenever User use ORINGo’s products and services, we are highly attempting to remain accuracy and protect User’s personal information from accidentally destroyed or maliciousness. We will provide requirement about User’s personal information appropriately. However, we cannot make it after requirements under any states as follows:

7.3.1 As specify or permit by relative laws.

7.3.2 For legal purposes

7.3.3 Repeated request without sufficient reason to use technical attempt and disproportionate resource such as new system developing or changing present practice.

7.3.4 The risk in other privacy may occurred.

8. Youth privacy
We are not recognized in collecting personal information from children under sixteen (16) or the minimum age by law in related administrative district without guardian permission. We suggest that parent (or guardian) put them under observation in online activities and children’s benefits while using ORINGo’s products and services.
If User are children, please get the permission from guardian before using ORINGo’s products and services. User can give personal information by the permission of parent (or guardian) only, parent (or guardian) of User can contact us by sending e-mail to to cancel or recall any given permission, request to access, correct, download, stop, delete, protest ORINGo in using User’s personal information in whole or in part (such as parent (or guardian) may contact us if they think that ORINGo may keep or use User’s personal information in misappropriate) and forbid ORINGo to use User’s personal information in some cases (such as parent (or guardian) may contact us if not willing us to analyzed User’s personal information) anytime.

9. The essential personal information
ORINGo will not demand User to provide necessity personal information such as information about medical or health history, politics, religions, philosophical beliefs, criminal offense (was accused or committed), criminal record, racial matters or origin of race, trade union membership, sexual satisfaction, sexual history, behavior or heredity information. Please stop giving such confidential information to us.

10. ORINGo privacy policy change
We may occasionally change privacy policy, we suggest User to check our privacy policy on scheduled. If User access ORINGo services after updated, ORINGo will consider that User accept privacy policy including any updates. The latest version of privacy policy can always access, the clear notification via e-mail about important changing will send to User. User can always check “update time” of latest version of privacy policy below.

11. Contact us
If User finds a problem, questions, opinions, or permission about privacy policy whether User believe that ORINGo is not followed the privacy policy please contact us. If User think that We cannot manage any problems about User’s personal information kept by ORINGo appropriately, please note that User has the right to appeal to government agency in charge of privacy protection in User’s country.
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